Mystery Yarn Project Kit

Mystery Yarn Project Kit

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Please note: If you are ordering this as a gift with a deadline, specify the deadline date in your email with your preferences. Note, we need at least 4 business days, frequently up to a week, to fulfill these orders, excluding shipping times. Please order early if you have a deadline.

Mystery Yarn Projects are custom-designed with yarn and goodies to help you make a special knit or crochet project. Included in your kit are:

  • enough yarn to knit a pattern based on the value you selected
  • the pattern to go along with that yarn
  • an extra little treat, for example:
    • something to aid in the working up process,
    • something that will work for the finishing process, OR
    • something to adorn the completed project

If you have any specific requests or requirements, be sure to email us:

  • your preference for either knit or crochet
  • tell us a little bit about the colours you want / don't want to see
  • the type of pattern you might be interested in making (or not interested) - again, this is just a suggestion (if suggesting fitted garments, please include your general size)
  • weight of yarn you prefer or definitely don't want
  • fibre content suggestions / limitations

Keeping in mind that anything not noted there, will be completely up to our discretion. We also reserve the right to make substitutions of items similar to what you describe there in case we don't have anything that matches exactly.

This is a fantastic gift idea for the person in your life who knits and crochets but you don't, and have no idea what to get for them! Or a great little surprise treat for yourself.

Shipping note: These bags are excluded from our free shipping promo.

Timeline note: Our usual turnaround time is 4 business days, so please be sure to order in advance if ordering as a gift for a specific occasion. Please note, there may be times where we need extra time to fulfill these orders and we won't be able to provide notice.

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