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Wild Wild Animals (English) - Ricorumi DK Pattern Books

Wild Wild Animals (English) - Ricorumi DK Pattern Books

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It's about to get wild: seals and narwhals, monkeys and lions, donkeys and parakeets, crocodiles and koalas – our Wild Wild Animals come from all over the world. The super sweet animals are crocheted using our Ricorumi plain colours as well as using the variants Ricorumi Spray dk, Print dk, and Lamé.

Includes seal, narwhal, monkey, lion, donkey, budgie, crocodile and koala!

Note: English instructions are written using UK terminology. DC should be replaced with SC.

Ricorumi books take you on an adventure in crochet.  Each book has a different theme and is fun to make in the suggested colours or in colours of your choosing.

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