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Baby Blankies (English) - Ricorumi DK Pattern Book

Baby Blankies (English) - Ricorumi DK Pattern Book

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In this booklet you will learn how to crochet baby blankies with cute animal heads for babies and toddlers. Whether cute rabbit, happy frog or motley parrot – we depict a wide range of animals that are at home on land, in the water and in the air. The blankies are crocheted from the saliva- proof cotton yarns Ricorumi dk and Ricorumi Spin Spin dk. We offer four crochet sets to match the booklet, which include instructions, crochet hook, embroidery needle, yarn and also toy stuffing – a great gift idea for birth, baptism or just because ...

Note: English instructions are written using UK terminology. DC should be replaced with SC.

Ricorumi books take you on an adventure in crochet.  Each book has a different theme and is fun to make in the suggested colours or in colours of your choosing.

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