Riverdale KAL: Part 3

In part 3 of the Whoopee Hat knit-along, I demonstrate how to knit the body of the hat. The body is composed of 4 sections of 12 rows that are either the same, or with only slight variations, for a total of 48 rows - repeated 3 times. This video goes over the techniques used in this portion of the pattern, specifically:

  • Sl1
  • M1R
  • W&T
  • SSK
  • PW
  • Ktog


If you've missed the first three parts of this KAL, go back and get all the details through the links below:

Stay tuned for Part 4 - which will walk you through using kitchener stitch to graft the cast-on row and the last row together.

All done the above steps? Don’t forget to:

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