An Announcement

I sit here this morning in the quiet before the storm that is waking up my two-and-a-half year old daughter, feeding both her and myself breakfast (I'm enjoying my hot drink and muffin as pre-breakfast at the moment), dropping her off at daycare and making my way to the shop, typing this post because it's important to me to stay to connected with the community of crafters I've spent the half-year in Whitby, year and a bit in Cobourg, and two years both across the GTA and online, building up/maintaining (in the case of Whitby). What better way than by reaching out through the written word?

So, what's the big announcement?
I'm pregnant with baby number two! We've been told this time, it will be a boy (although I've also now been warned by multiple people it could still end up being a girl)! I'm due the beginning of December, and so far, the pregnancy has been going great (except for a small hiccup in the beginning mostly related to hormonal changes). This is the complete opposite of my previous pregnancy with my daughter (whom has grown into a lovely, sweet, caring, curious, strongly opinionated and intelligent young lady), so we are hoping all will continue well and we'll sail into December with no issues.

How will this impact Artisanthropy and Kniterary?
Hopefully, not negatively! It will have an impact on my ability to continue being around at the shops as much as I have been. At some point, I am going to have to take one step even further back than I already have. Some of you may have already noticed I'm not always at either shop, and you have probably met our new, smiling faces - Colin in Cobourg, and Cindy in Whitby - whom are holding down the fort while I take on more work in the background to keep the ship moving forward. I will have to take some time off from being in either location. However, I suspect this will have a positive impact on the business overall.

Why do I suspect this? Because I'll be able to focus on making sure all the puzzle pieces are in place every week: that both Colin and Cindy, and all of our teachers, are happy, well-supported and have the tools they need to provide the help you're seeking with your projects, pattern selections, colour selections and more. I'll be able to be 100% present when I do come into the shops, to get the feedback and help out with socials that we run. I'll be able to provide more guidance and be more responsive to customer emails and inquiries that are occurring more frequently online. I'll be able to coordinate and plan all of the events I had originally dreamed up for the business, that I haven't had the time to work on to date. In short, I'll be able to spend my time on steering the ship, rather than rowing the boat.

In the end, I'm not going away anywhere. I'll just be more present behind the scenes, and helping both Cobourg and Whitby to flourish in the ways they not only need, but deserve. I do hope you'll stay with us on this journey. I absolutely adore being a part of something so creative and inspiring that is greater than myself, and I hope you do as well.

I just want to finish off by saying, thank you for your support over the last two years. It means the world to me, as I support my young family and invest in our future together, so we can have this time together, and I can be a role model for my children and help them see that it truly is possible to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Sincerely yours,
Christina, Owner at Artisanthropy & Kniterary

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