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Anti-microbial Cotton Face Mask for Adults - Nature Prints

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Designed to be environmentally-friendly, these antimicrobial face masks help keep you safe from some bacteria, viruses, and fungi by preventing growth.
The world is changing, and we must start adapting and finding new ways to easily and safely protect ourselves and loved ones while reducing contact points with germs while out in public and at home. These masks feature new technologies and designs that introduce antimicrobial and antibacterial agents and technology to help reduce and stop the growth of bacteria while being chemical-free and safe for all members of your family. These designs are meant to help reduce the spread of viruses and transmission points while going about your daily life, from washing up at home, to opening door handles and touching keypads that are in almost every store, restaurant and gas station.
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Do note bleach. Iron at low temperature. Note: hang to dry to avoid shrinkage from dryer use.