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Whoopee Hat: a Riverdale Knitalong

Whoopee Hat: a Riverdale Knitalong

  • 20 January, 2019
  • Tina V.

Update Jan 28, 2019: We now have a GIVEAWAY for those who complete this KAL, generously provided by Estelle Designs. You'll need to view our Intro/Part 1 YouTube video to get all the details!

That's right! We're hosting a Riverdale-themed KNITALONG, in both of our shops, and online. If you're anything like us, you're obsessed with the saturated colours and drama of the classic Archie comic book characters in the modern-day TV show, Riverdale. I've certainly been eyeing up Jughead's knit version of the whoopee hat since it started, and I'm super excited to introduce it for our first knitalong.

But first - some background. What is a whoopee hat, and how come it has that strange jagged edge around the brim? Welp, we've got a history lesson for ya:


WOW, right? Who knew??!!

Now that you're fully educated on just how cool this hat really was (is?), it's time to join in our knitalong. But how, you ask? Read on!

We will be making the Jughead Hat by Aelfie Lincoln on Ravelry.

Need help accessing the pattern? Come into the shop and we'll print it out for you! (Pattern printing costs 10 cents / page to cover ink and paper costs.)

Skills Needed
You need to know how to do a regular cast-on, knit, purl and cast-off.

Skill Level
The pattern we're using is great for all levels of knitters, from comfortable beginners and up. We're here to show you the techniques you'll learn in the pattern, including:

  • Provisional cast-on (this can be tricky!)
  • Wrap-and-turn (W&T)
  • Kitchener Stitch
  • Ktog 
  • M1R
  • PW
  • Sl1
  • SSK

Follow The Schedule (below), Join our Facebook Group and Add Your Project To Ravelry to participate!

  • Join our Facebook Group
  • Not sure how to add a project to ravelry? CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS
    • Make sure to name your project with the words "Jughead Hat - Riverdale KAL with Artisanthropy" if you plan to enter our giveaway
  • Not sure if your project posted correctly? Check the Ravelry Projects
  • As the KAL progress, links to blog posts explaining the next steps will be posted underneath each date listed below. Be sure to bookmark this page, subscribe to the blog, and/or ensure you're a member of, and following, the Facebook Group so you don't miss any steps.

Part 1: January 20th to February 2nd:

  • All the details are posted here
  • And in our YouTube Video
  • Materials Prep: Find out what yarns to use (including substitutes), get your materials ready. 
  • Create your Ravelry project, add pictures of the yarn you'll use
  • Swatch, swatch, swatch!

Part 2: February 2nd:

  • Details posted here
  • And in our YouTube Video
  • KAL begins online and in-shops - Cast-on!
  • Help is available in Whitby from 3-5 PM
  • Help is available in Cobourg from 10 AM to 12 PM
  • Check into our Facebook Group with your progress and questions.
  • Add a progress pic to your Ravelry project

Part 3: Feb 2nd-16th:

  • Get knitting! Complete the main body of the hat.
  • Details posted here
  • And in our YouTube Video
  • Should you need help with the W&T, help is available during our Wednesday and Thursday knitting socials in Whitby, Wednesday afternoons from 1-3 PM in Cobourg, and on Saturdays from 3 to 5 PM in Cobourg.
  • Check into our Facebook Group with your progress and questions.
  • Add a progress pic to your Ravelry project

Part 4: Feb 16th:

  • Join in our Finishing Party in both our shops from 1-3 PM. 
  • Details posted here
  • And in our YouTube Video
  • Learn Kitchener Stitch as you seam up your hat.
  • Check into our Facebook Group with your progress and questions.
  • Add a progress pic to your Ravelry project

Part 5: Feb 16th-23rd:

  • Wash and block your hat at home.
  • Optional: add the red button and white patch to the hat.
  • Take photos (either on or off your head), post and brag about your accomplishments!
  • Check into our Facebook Group with your progress.
  • Add a progress pic to your Ravelry project

Giveaway: Feb 24th:

  • For all those whom have entered our Giveaway and complete the KAL (final project photos* uploaded to Ravelry by EOD Feb 23rd), we will be drawing two names on February 24th via Live Video streaming (probably on Facebook, link will be updated). Two winners will have 48 hours to claim their prizes.

    *What counts as a final project photo? Your hat is completed, the seams sewn up and ends woven in, and your photo shows the completed item. It does NOT have to be blocked, but of course it'll help your finished item look nicer!



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