We now have Diamond Dotz!

We now have Diamond Dotz!

What are Diamond Dotz, you ask?

Diamond Dotz is a high-quality brand of kit for diamond painting. What is diamond painting, you ask?

Diamond painting is a craft where you place little plastic rhinestones onto a printed canvas, according to a legend provided to the side of the canvas. Once all the rhinestones have been placed, you end up with a gorgeous dimensions art piece that often sparkles depending on the light, and the finish on the rhinestones.

Often of interest to, and frequently based on designs for, cross-stitchers, this craft will appeal to anyone who enjoys working on pleasing imagery. We have kits that will work great for beginners (the smallest designs, butterfly, heart) all the way up to the most experienced diamond painter (the largest canvases, smokey mountain cats).

With Diamond Dotz, you get a gorgeous canvas, with quality printing, round dots to place on the canvas, and quality wax and tools to work with. These kits don't have any foul odours like the ones you may purchase directly from Chinese manufacturers.

Check out this video by Diamond Dotz for a more detailed explanation:

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