Riverdale KAL: Part 2

In which we demonstrate how to work a provisional cast-on, so you can start your pattern. Hopefully you were able to visit one of our shops on February 2nd to get the help in-shop if you prefer to work in-person. If not, we will have support available in Cobourg any time you want to come by, and in Whitby during our socials on Wednesday from 1-3 PM, Thursday from 7-9 PM.

If you're joining us online, the cast-on is demonstrated in the video below:


If you've missed the first two parts of this KAL, go back and get all the details through the links below:

Part 3 is now published here.

All done the above steps? Don’t forget to:

  • Check into our Facebook Group with your progress.
  • Add a progress pic to your Ravelry project
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