New Website Launched

New Website Launched

With a new season of fibre arts on the horizon, we have launched an entirely new online experience for all of you, our favourite fibre artists of all time. There are many improvements behind the scenes, and more coming.

This does mean that you will need to re-register your shop account (whether you purchased online or in-shop). Whilst in transitioning platforms we are never able to bring over past orders, we were able to import most everyone's Rewards accounts. (If you can't find your points after re-registering, just reach out via email, we will investigate and adjust for you.) As an incentive, you will earn 15 points for re-registering your account (the equivalent of spending $15 in-shop towards your next $10 Reward).

I'll go over some of the benefits of the new system for you, below.

Better Account Management

You may have noticed on our old system that you couldn't access your in-shop orders from home by logging into your website account. Now, you can! Also, when you update your details on the website, they will update in-shop as well.

Better Rewards Management

Our old Rewards system was managed primarily through mobile phone, and we recognised that this was a problem for some without the newest phones. Our new system is back to using emails, which is better for everyone. 

Earn Points for Referrals

Our referral program is back! Now when you refer friends and family to our shop, they will receive a coupon for 10% off their first order. Once they use it and complete an order, you will receive 15 points for your referral.

Better Credit Accounts

Your credit accounts are now available for use both in-shop and online (previously they were only available in-shop). Please note, we are working on transitioning the credits you had with us on our old system; this process should be completed within the next week.

And more to come...

There's a lot more coming as we complete the transition and fix everything up. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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