New colourways in DMC Cébélia

New colourways in DMC Cébélia

Thread crocheters and tatters: we have some exciting news! We've expanded our colour range in DMC Cébélia, and it now includes the following:

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All available in sizes 10, 20 and 30. Stock up now »

Additionally, we have special-ordered some colours that are only available in the European market - which means these colours, and size 40 thread, are super rare in the North American market. Available in sizes 10, 20 & 30. We will also be getting a bright red, 666, in size 40, as well as 955. Arriving directly from France by the end of June, they will be shipped to you by July 5th. You can pre-order them here NOW to save $3 / ball on each of the following colours (this savings will only be valid until the shipment arrives on our doorstep!):

[gallery columns="4" ids="6118,6117,6116,6115"]

We also still have some #816 - Maroon and #992 - Deep Sea Green in size 10, and black is available in all 3 sizes as well.

And, as always, we offer FREE shipping to anyone in the Canada & U.S.A. on orders $120+ before taxes. So take advantage and stock up on some crochet thread!

So while you're at it, you may want to throw in some of our hot-selling Ergonomic Soft-Handle Crochet Hooks to help you along with your work.

Need some ideas on how to use DMC Cébélia? Check out Ravelry's Projects and Pattern Ideas pages for each size (you will need to be logged in to see these pages):

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DMC Cébélia Size 20 - Projects | Pattern Ideas
DMC Cébélia Size 30 - Projects | Pattern Ideas
DMC Cébélia Size 40 - Projects | (size 40 doesn't have any pattern ideas listed on Ravelry)

A hint for tatters: DMC Cebelia is an excellent thread for tatting wearables. It's strong, but soft enough to wear against the skin. I simply adore making tatted lace chokers with the size 10 and 20. I'm hoping to try out the size 40 with seed beads. Something to think about!

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