Malabrigo KAL 2021: Temperance Shawl - Shop Sample Complete

Malabrigo KAL 2021: Temperance Shawl - Shop Sample Complete

Presenting: my completed Temperance Shawl, for Malabrigo's Spring 2021 KAL. Knit in 3 colourways of Malabrigo Sock:

  • Colour 1: 807 - Cote d'Azur
  • Colour 2: 474 - Caribeno
  • Colour 3: 725 - Kris

If you're so-inspired, now's a great time to pick up 3 balls of Malabrigo Sock or Mechita (the recommended yarns for this project; even mixing the two is an option as it would create interesting texture due to the single vs. plied yarns), as both yarns are currently 20% off for a limited time.

The pattern, Temperance Shawl, is available for free on Ravelry.

I have a love-hate relationship with this shawl. It took me quite a few false starts to truly focus on the number of stitches that were on either side of the centre spine. Every time I thought I had it "down", I inevitably ended up needing to tear back a number of rows and re-knit a bunch of it. 

It also took what felt like a *ridiculously* long time to complete. To be fair, I have two kids 5 & under, and am running a business full-time, so my time to knit is very limited. I was also battling some major inflammation issues at the beginning of the year, until I started way, way healthier.

When it came time to block, the thing became absolutely massive. I had expected it to be quite large, what with 1,320 yds' worth of fingering weight yarn in there. But I didn't expect it to grow like it did. However a quick stint on the delicates cycle of the dryer (x2) quickly shrunk it back down to a far more manageable size.

In the end, it's quite beautiful, and definitely worth the time investment.

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