FREE SHIPPING for the next order placed!

FREE SHIPPING for the next order placed!

Use code FREESHIP1011 TODAY ONLY for free shipping on the next order to be placed. This code is only valid for ONE person to use ONCE - so hurry to our site, place your order, and use code FREESHIP1011 to see if you qualify right now! No minimum spend, and no limits on where in the world we can ship to for free.

Hurry - someone could use it up before you ;)

And keep an eye out for weekly Tuesday emails - we'll be running a similar promo code every Tuesday for the month of October.

Just our way of saying thank you for being such awesome customers.

While you're at it - our Knitter's Pride gift sets are all 20% off for only one more day - so now might jsut be the perfect time to pick up the one you've been eyeing.

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