Daily Deals: How it Works

For the month of March, National Crochet Month, we will be running daily, and sometimes weekly, promotions, deals, and group buys. As a result of these promotions, some products will not be in stock until a later date. Whenever items are out of stock, low in stock, or need to be re-stocked before shipping, typically the hold date is one week after the end of the month. When you order only an item in this promotion that is in stock, and you don't wish to participate in future promotions, your item(s) will ship immediately. If you order any item that needs to be ordered in from suppliers, even if you order items that are already in stock, your order will be shipped once the out of stock item is received by the supplier, about one week after March 31st.

As a result, you have two options for participation:

  1. Leave your order open for future participation: use code NTLCROMTH17 to delay shipping until the end of the month, after all the deals have been published, allowing you to get refunded for the difference if you purchase any items not currently on sale, but on sale later in the month. Check out now, but have your order shipped after any other additional purchases during that time you may wish. Use this code every time you check out to ensure your items are all shipped at once.
  2. Participate in the current deal only; if you purchase an item now that goes on sale later, you are not eligible for a refund of the difference in cost; check out now and have your order shipped according to the item in your cart with the longest wait time

No matter which option you select, all orders over $120 (before tax) to Canada OR the U.S.A. ship FREE. Orders below $120, or shipping to international locations, are subject to shipping fees according to our great rates.

Below you will find examples of scenarios for either option:

Option 1

You live in New York, U.S.A. You saw your favourite crochet hooks on a daily deal today, but you suspect there will be more exciting goodies you'll want to get your hands on for the month of March. You purchase the hooks and add the coupon code NTLCROMTH17 to indicate you want to participate in more upcoming deals. The next day, you see some great yarn on sale, and you purchase it. You add coupon code NTLCROMTH17 again to that order, to indicate you want to participate in more upcoming deals. The next day, there's nothing on sale you wanted, but you remembered you really need some thread, so you purchase that, unsure if it will be eligible for any upcoming daily deals. Still, you add coupon code NTLCROMTH17 to your order. Later in the month, the thread goes on sale. You are reimbursed for the amount you overpaid, and your order continues to be held until all the promotions are finished. In the end, all of your orders total over $35, so you qualify for free shipping. Your order will ship after all inventory has been received from all suppliers, the Monday following a week after the last day in March - April 10, 2017. But you will have saved lots of money!

Option 2

Scenario A
You live in B.C., Canada. You saw your favourite crochet hooks on a daily deal for a really good price. You know for certain you're not going to be buying any other hooks, yarn, or yarn/crochet accessories for the rest of the month of March. You see that the crochet hooks are not in stock, but they will be by March 31st. You order will ship by the following Monday, April 3rd. You also add some tatting needles to your cart, because you've always wanted to try tatting. Knowing you don't want anything more for the month, you check out. Your order totals over $35, so you pay and opt not to delay your order. Your order ships as expected on April 3, with free shipping.

Scenario B
You live in California, U.S.A. You saw your favourite yarn in the daily deal today, and you see it's in stock. You know for certain you won't be buying any more crochet-related items for the month of March, but you are totally interested in a book of tatting patterns. You check out right away, and opt not to delay your order. Your order totals under $35, so you have to pay for shipping. Your order ships as expected the following business day (ex: Monday, if you order after noon on Friday, or over the weekend).

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