Crocheting with Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus

  If you've been by the store and commented on how much you love soft yarn, chances are I've rushed to get you to touch Juniper Moon Farm's Cumulus is the most unbelievably soft cotton, very appropriately named because it feels so much like how one imagines a cloud will feel!

I struggled a bit thinking of the right thing to make with Cumulus to be honest. I didn't want to make a pillow or something that would sit around because I have two cats and a dog who would quickly try to claim it for their own. Fortunately, some new faux fur pom poms arrived and I was inspired to make a new hat!

I struggled a lot finding a pattern. I wanted to have some texture but not too overwhelming, and I wanted something I could whip up fairly quickly. When I found the Snow Drift Slouch Pattern by MegMadewithLove I instantly thought of the Cumulus yarn and how awesome it would look. You can find the pattern here

I elected to make a couple changes in order to only require one skein of cumulus, as much as I do enjoy having partial skeins around for smaller projects, I wanted to keep it to one skein, and with these changes I actually ended up with a little bit left over if I think of an amigurumi or other smaller project it would be perfect for.

All I really did to keep it to one skein was follow the pattern for a single brim, and only crochet 11 rows (I tried to make all 13 rows but ran out before the end of row 12!) I found the finish project still fit pretty well and I didn't feel like it was obvious I'd missed two rows.

The Cumulus was wonderful to work with, and it remained as soft after being worked into stitches. I was a little worried about yarn breakage, but there was no trouble whatsoever as I whipped up this hat while watching Halloween specials.

For this hat I chose colour 29 - Peek-a-blue, and it is super cute. I also love colour 2 - Stone. I imagine you could make a wonderful scarf or cowl for yourself as well, but I would expect to need 2-3 skeins at least. It would also make an adorable baby blanket as well, or since it is 94% cotton and 6% nylon it has a whole world of possibilities, although I have a hard time imagining it not being snuggly no matter what!

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