But How Will We Find You?

But How Will We Find You?

Please forgive us while we transition the shopfront of our new location to our brand. We are working with the Town, as well as local contractors, to bring you a renewed shopfront as soon as humanly possible. For now, look for a light pink shopfront, "No 125" in the top window, and the sign from the back door of our old location with our logo and "Artisanthropy" on it in the window (also, don't be surprised that the previous business's logo is up top; the previous tenant didn't remove their sign before moving out). Rest assured, our interior is filled with all of the yarn and sundries you've come to know and love!

We're now located at 125 Brock St. S in downtown Whitby, come by this week and check us out!

Photo of interior of Artisanthropy's new shop

Photo of further into the interior of Artisanthropy's new shop

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