The Open Studio at Artisanthropy

View of the Studio at Artisanthropy

View of the Studio at Artisanthropy

When we first started dreaming up Artisanthropy, our idea was to provide an open studio for local artisans and aspiring artists to come together, a space clear and free of the distractions of home in which to focus on your needle & fibre artworks. So we’ve taken the popular idea of a co-working space and turned it into a co-crafting space in downtown Cobourg for needle and fibre arts enthusiasts throughout Northumberland County, Ontario.

What does our co-crafting space offer?

Work tables = space to spread out into
We have five tables available for people to work at. Depending on what you’re working on, you may need a whole table, half a table or only part of it. We have a number of configurations available for the space that allow people to flexibly work on their projects while spreading out as much as they need to. There is a sixth work table dedicated to our cutting mat, ball winder and swift. Our addi Express knitting machines are also set up on the corner, and don’t take up much room.

Knitting Machines
We have five knitting machines available for your use. Cut your knitting time down substantially and learn to knit on a knitting machine. With our free WiFi available, you can watch YouTube videos, or get some help from Martina to get you started.

  1. LK-140
    This modern flatbed knitting machine features a total of 140 needles with a pitch of 6.5mm, making it a mid-gauge machine. With a newly replaced sponge bar, this machine will have you knitting up large projects in no time at all. The LK-140 is the predecessor to the brand new LK-150, which you can special-order through us.
  2. LK-100
    Another motdern flatbed knitting machine, this one features only 100 needles, and its pitch is 9mm (also known as bulky gauge machine). While it will work for finer yarns, it’s also great for bulky ones.
  3. Singer 560 with Ribber
    This vintage electronic knitting machine is from the 1980s, can be fed pattern cards, and comes with a ribber that can be attached as well. Both pieces are very heavy, so you will need help setting them up, but once ready to go – you will soar. With pattern cards, you can do all kinds of crazy things, like knitting a blanket from a photograph of your cat, or family, a favourite motif, whatever you want. Seriously!
  4. addi Express
    The addi Express knitting machine features 22 needles, is super easy to learn how to cast-on with, and is great for knitting scarves, ponchos, pillow covers and afghans.
  5. addi Express King Size
    The addi Express King Size knitting machine has 42 needles, allowing you to make even larger pieces than before. You don’t just have to knit in the round – knit in flat panels and sew them all up together. Way faster than hand-knitting, even with the sewing!
The lounge in the studio at Artisanthropy

The lounge in the studio at Artisanthropy

Sewing Machines

  1. Singer Pressomatic Merritt 1852
    While this sewing machine is a good 35+ years old, it is trusty, and awesome for basic stitches, or someone just learning to sew. With full manual and instructions on threading, you will be up and sewing basic stitches in no time at all. The perfect learning model.
  2. Other Sewing Machines
    We also have two newer sewing machine models, both with a few extra stitches available on them. These have been serviced recently and are ready for use. The manuals are also available in the studio to consult with.

When you need a serger to finish off your sewn or knit projects, come to the studio and use ours.

  • Singer Ultralock 14U52A
    Featuring a free arm that saves you having to turn sleeves and pant legs inside out to serge on the right side, this trust old serger will have you finishing off professional-looking garments in no time.

Swift & Ball Winder
Let’s face it. You buy a lot of yarn. And you don’t always want to spend ~ $100 on accessories to help you wind up all those skeins into lovely knittable cakes. The answer is to visit the studio and wind them all up on our swift and ball winder. Don’t worry, you can still buy your own if you want! And of course the swift and ball winder are available to you at any time you need to wind up a skein whilst in the middle of your project at the studio.

Log onto our FREE wifi using your device and you can stream YouTube videos showing you how to use any of the machines you’re using, or learn new techniques.

Adjutable Dress Form
We currently have an adjustable Diana Dress Form Petite for sizes 4-10. With enough demand, we will bring in other sizes of adjustable dress forms as well.

Cutting mat & Fabric Shears
We have a fabulous 37″ x 25″ cutting mat on a table, perfect for cutting up your fabrics on.

Draft Table Lamps
Our studio features draft table lamps attached to each table, to provide more focused lighting than our overhead lamps. Affixed with bright white LED lightbulbs, you’ll be able to see what you’re working on, without the confusion of light changing the colours.

Additional Comforts
In addition to the above features, our studio also offers the following comforts:

  • A coat rack for hanging your coats, or garments that you’re working on.
  • Heating for the winter months.
  • Full air conditioning for hte summer months.
  • Beautiful, colourful, inspiring artwork on our walls to stimulate your imagination and creativity.
  • Padded chairs.
  • A spacious couch and lounge chair to relax on.
  • A private bathroom and sink shared with the other units in the building. The running water can be useful for your felting projects.
  • A microwave (although we fully encourage you to check out all the great local restaurants and cafes for your lunches, we do understand sometimes you need to bring your own food! We only request that you please do not heat up fish in our microwave!).
  • A fridge to store your drink or food.

Studio Rate

Our Open Studio rate is $4/hr (+tax). If you wish to use any knitting, sewing or serger machines, the cost is $8/hr (+tax). If you’re interested in a membership, please see our membership levels.

Free Trial for the Next 2 Weeks

Curious about our Open Studio? Want to give it a whirl? We’re offering a FREE TRIAL of our space over the next two weeks (February 13 to 27, 2018). Bring your materials, get comfortable, and co-create! Sign up here (or visit the shop to sign up in-person).


If you need information about where to park for longer periods of time, please check out the Contact Us page.

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