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Pro Lana Italy Wool 150

Pro Lana Italy Wool 150

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Pro Lana's purely natural product made from fine, spun merino wool comes 100% from the beautiful Italian region of Apulia, from the sheep of the genus Merino Gentile di Puglia that live there. Since animal welfare, sustainable production and high quality standards are particularly important to us, strict controls are carried out. You wear Natur-Pure on your skin, because apart from the new wool with self-cleaning and dirt-repellent properties, no other material is used. Due to the natural crimping, the merino wool can trap air very well, which means that Italy Wool 150 is breathable and temperature-regulating. With the narrow, 4-ply yarn in various pastel colors, but also strong tones, you can make high-quality knitwear that will make you and your loved ones feel good.

Sport (12 wpi)
164 yards (150 meters)
50 grams (1.76 ounces)

US 2½ - 6 or 3 - 4mm
100% Wool - Merino
Source of fiber: Italy
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