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Namaste Maker's Mini Backpack PREORDER

Namaste Maker's Mini Backpack PREORDER

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** Limited edition! Our supplier has limited stock remaining of these gorgeous mini backpacks by Namaste. Any orders placed will be *special order only* and will require extra time to ship. From placement of order to date of ship to you, it will be approximately 1-2 weeks. Please only order if you are able to wait.

Love the Namaste Maker's Backpack, but prefer a smaller version to take with you on your crafting journeys? Then Namaste has got you covered with their new Namaste Maker's Mini Backpack! It is mindfully designed for any crafter looking for a new, fashionable crafting bag for on the go. It has three compartments for all your crafting essentials. Thanks to the claw closure, the three compartments stay together securely , and it makes your bag look more compact. The first and front compartment has a zippered pocket, three pen pockets, and a small and medium sized pocket. The second and middle compartment is deep-set and contains a yarn feeder. The third and back compartment is a large compartment that is ideal for larger accessories like a tablet. For even more storage space, the bag has two sturdy pockets on the side for items that you want to access quickly. In order for the bag to stand securely, there are metal feet on the bottom.

The bag measures 30.5 x 25.4 x 20.3cm and is available in various colours. The bag includes an eco-friendly dust bag, darning needle, a mini Maker's Dot journal, an 8 inch tape measure/key leash, our patent pending Lotus Yarn Feeder, and a removable tassel with a Lotus stitch marker.

* Please note, this is an oversized item and therefore does not qualify for our free shipping promo.

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