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Essencia Bamboo Diffuser

Essencia Bamboo Diffuser

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A natural bamboo diffuser to combine well-being and aromatherapy

With this natural bamboo diffuser, spread an healthy and pleasant scented atmosphere.
This Aromatherapy diffuser is ultrasonic. Meaning that there is no heat involved, just cold to preserve the properties of Essentials Oils and the fine odor of Fragrances. Place it in the rooms you wish and enjoy it!

You can diffuse :
- Essential oils
Some Essential Oils can be diffused, so that their natural properties are spread in the atmosphere of your home. So every members family can benefit its. It is the combination of good and natural odors and their respective virtues that makes it a recommended use. (See posology of each oil to ensure good practices)
- Fragrances
To simply make the ambiance of your home scented and hide bad smells.

Capacity: 200ml
Dimensions : Height: 13 cm / Width & Depth: 10 cm

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