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Dritz Iron-Off - Hot Iron Cleaner, 28g

Quantity: 1 OZ (28 g)

For any safety data sheets, please refer to the following files:

  575,575LA,82441 IRON-OFF_HOT_IRON_CLEANER_GHS_SDS_1_21_2019.pdf


Iron-Off will not remove discoloration in metal finish.

  1. Empty water from iron and set on “Cotton.” Do not use on cold iron.
  2. Squeeze about 2 inches of Iron-Off onto thick folded cloth.
  3. Rub hot iron over cloth in circular motion. If build-up is heavy, repeat application. Any smoke is normal and part of the cleaning process.
  4. After cleaning thoroughly wipe iron with clean, thickly folded cloth. Be sure all Iron-Off is removed from steam vents and around edges of sole plate before using iron.

TIPS: Clean near an open window or ventilation fan if iron build-up is heavy. Cotton swabs can be used with cleaner to clean steam vents. Spots from cleaner can be washed out or removed with spot cleaner. Use frequently to avoid heavy build-up on iron.

Dritz Iron-Off - Hot Iron Cleaner, 28g
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