Are you looking for new and different threads to tat with? We’ve done the hard work for you! Below is a selection of threads various people have tried and loved for tatting. Different weights, colours and textures will give you a variety of results, which your creative brain will just love! Choose from pearl cotton (Valdani, Presencia, VOG and Leviathan), metallic sewing threads (DMC and Luxofil), crochet cotton (Butterfly, DMC and Olympus Gold No. 40, which is a cordonnet crochet thread), and DMC’s Brilliant Tatting Cotton (available in size 80 only). With so many choices, you’ll keep your right brain occupied for hours!

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Olympus Tatting Thread Solid (Thick)

$ 4.80

Olympus Threads has come up with a gorgeous new cordonnet thread specifically for tatting with. Available in 10g balls of a variety of colours. One 10g ball contains about 40m of thread. This thread tats up beautifully, and is nice and thick for those with limited eyesight, and will work well for projects where you want to see the larger stitches. Closest in thickness to about a size 5 pearl cotton.

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Silk Thread

$ 3.30

Special cordonnet thread for stitching edges, embellishments or eyelets. 10m / 11 yds spool of Italian-made, 100% pure silk thread by Cucirini Tre Stelle, 24wt. Gorgeous sheen and perfect for embellishing garments or other fabrics. Would also work great for tatting.

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Olympus Metallic Tatting Thread

$ 5.35

Olympus threads has created this gorgeous lame, metallic 100% polyester thread, perfect for tatting – slides smoothly and knots well. 40m (44yds) per ball. Comes in a variety of colours.


Madeira Metallic Thread FS No.10

$ 18.00 $ 16.00

Exclusively available at Artisanthropy for the North American market, this German-made metallic embroidery thread is not only great for machine embroidery, but it also looks amazing as tatted jewellery.

Metallic look and sensational appearance – this metallic effect thread is specially designed for use on sewing and special machines. This 5-ply thread contains an extreme tensile strength and offers a completely new look. The stylish colours range from bright white diamond to mysterious graphite. This 100% polyester thread is a great one to add to your notions box.

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Presencia Pearl Cotton in Variegated Colours

Presencia Finca Perle – Variegated Colours

$ 5.25

Presencia Finca Perle (pearl cotton) is a highly mercerised cotton thread, made in Spain. It’s glossy, and the thread strands are wound tightly together, giving your finished pieces that look of timeless quality. The range of colours available in Presencia’s line of Finca Perle is also just fabulous – you’ll no doubt find the perfect colours for your next tatting, embroidery, hand quilting, needlepoint or cross-stitch project.

Each ball of pearl cotton weighs 10g.

Size 5: 44m
Size 12: 106m
Size 16: 142m

Presencia Finca Perle Colour Chart [PDF, opens in new window].

Valdani Crochet Cotton

$ 4.60$ 8.00

This lovely crochet cotton by Valdani is always hand-dyed, and colourfast. Very find, and soft it makes great thread for crocheted or tatted doilies, collars, lingerie, or any kind of lace embellishments. It’s also great for quilt applique and bags.

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Silk Bead Thread FF Black

Silk Bead Thread

$ 2.40$ 9.80

This 100% silk bead thread is available in spools or cards, and sizes D, E, F, FF or FFF.

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C-lon Micro Cord - Shanghai Red

C-LON Micro Cord

$ 4.10$ 8.30

C-lon Micro Cord is a Tex 70 thread. Made in the U.S.A. Great for tatting, kumihimo with fine beads, and bead-weaving projects.

C-lon Bead Cord Fine Weight - Teal

C-LON Fine Weight Bead Cord

$ 8.20

C-lon Fine Weight Bead Cord is a Tex 135 thread. These bobbins measure 1″ x 1″ x 1.5″, with approximately 136 yards (124m). Made in the U.S.A.

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C-lon Bead Cord White

C-lon Bead Cord

$ 5.05

C-lon Bead Cord is a Tex 210 thread. These new bobbins measure 1″ x 1″ x 1.25″, and come with slightly more thread than they used to – approximately 92 yards (84m). Made in the U.S.A.

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Valdani Silk Perle in S78 - Aged Wine

Valdani Perle Silk

$ 7.00

Valdani's beautiful Pearl Silk (soie perlee) is 100% guaranteed colourfast, hand-dyed using lead-free, environmentally-friendly dyes. This thread is the strongest natural fibre and features a gorgeous shine. Comparable to size 12 pearl cotton thread, Valdani silk pearl is recommended for use in many types of both hand and machine projects, including:
knitting, crochet, tatting, needlepoint, wool applique, stitching, embroidery, hand- or machine-sewn embellishments, cross-stitch, hand and machine-quilting, ribbon work, lacemaking, braiding, beading, weaving, smocking.

21 yard (20m) spools.

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DMC Diamant

$ 5.50 $ 4.50

DMC Diamant is a single-stranded metallic needlework thread by DMC. Perfect for tatting, hand embroidery, quilting and cross-stitch. Its width is equivalent to the thickness of two strands of embroidery floss. Each spool contains 38.2 yards of thread.