Dyed Locks - Numbered

Dyed Locks

$ 14.40$ 24.00

Gorgeous Masham fleece locks lovingly dyed in Northern Ontario. These locks are bundled and come in a variety of colours and weights. Select a bundle (as numbered in the main photo) to get the details.

Raw Alpaca Fibre in Champagne

Raw Alpaca Fibre – 1oz

$ 3.30

This raw, unwashed, 100% pure Huacaya alpaca fiber is beautifully soft and fluffy. It's perfect for felting, spinning, or using as a natural stuffing, as it naturally wicks away sweat and moisture, is naturally fire-resistant, and is naturally temperature-regulating. This particular fiber comes in generously measured 1oz portions (28.35g).

Our raw alpaca fiber is shorn from Huacaya alpacas annually in the spring at a small alpaca farm in Kemptville, Ontario. The alpacas are lovely creatures, very friendly, and curious, and they are well taken care of by the family that raises them. The fleece we sell is composed entirely of first cuts only – the “blanket fleece” of the alpaca (the back, shoulders and sides), ensuring the very best quality of fiber. Each colour of our fiber comes from an individual alpaca, so none of them are mixed. Because the fiber is raw, it may contain small amounts of the dust from the farm that the alpacas love to bathe and play in. We will shake and blow it out prior to packing, but some may remain. As a result, the fiber should be washed upon receipt, and then can be processed any which way you choose for use in various types of projects, ranging from upholstery, to felting, to knitting and crochet.