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Moonlit Tatting Shuttle

Moonlit Shuttle

$ 5.70

The Moonlit Shuttle by Handy Hands is made of plastic, posted with a steel hook. It is 2.75″ excluding hook, by .75″ wide. Available from Artisanthropy in a variety of colours.

Lizbeth Thread Holder

Lizbeth Thread Holder

$ 13.90 $ 8.65

The Handy Hands Lizbeth thread holder features a side opening for easy changing of thread. A latch keeps the thread ball intact if dropped. Comes with a FREE sample ball of Lizbeth thread.

Lacis Tatting Shuttle Winder

Lacis Tatting Shuttle Winder

$ 9.95

The Lacis tatting shuttle winder will hold most standard shuttles. Shuttle not included.

Lacis Needle Threader Set

Lacis Needle Threader Set

$ 3.45

A Standard Wire threader and an Extra Fine Wire threader in a plastic handle so there are 2 threaders. The Standard one is the same as our threader that comes with the tatting needles. The Extra fine one is great for the two smaller tatting needles.

Lacis Wrist Ball Holder (does not come with ball of thread)

Wrist Ball Holder

$ 11.95

For tatting, crocheting, knitting, or any project using a ball of thread. It is worn on the wrist and will hold a small or large ball of thread. Thread not included.

Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns by Rozella F. Linden

Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns

$ 19.65 $ 16.00

The book Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns includes approximately 12 patterns over 28 pages. This is true Celtic tatting as the patterns are chains and then weaved into Celtic knots. Includes patterns for a cross, butterfly, snowflake, collar, edgings, ear rings, hearts and flowers. For both needle and shuttle tatters.

Tatting 60 Original Lace Treasures by Christel Weidman

Tatting 60 Original Lace Treasures

$ 24.37 $ 22.75

The book Tatting 60 Original Lace Treasures includes approximately 60 patterns over 80 pages. Designs for home and holiday by Swiss tatting designer, artist, author Christel Weidmann. Edited by Barbara Foster for needle and shuttle tatters alike. Features information for needle tatters including techniques to make floating rings. Includes doilies, edgings, snowflakes, hanky edgings.

Needle Tatting Techniques and More by Barbara Foster

Needle Tatting Techniques and More

$ 18.65

The book Needle Tatting Techniques and More by Barbara Foster includes approximately 13 patterns over 48 pages. Once the basics of needle-tatting are learned, this book is the next step. With over 115 photographs, this book takes you step-by-step through learning techniques such as: adding beads, split ring, double-twisted picot, floating ring, chain after chain, and more. Patterns include: necklaces, collar, heart motif, butterfly, snowflake, cross, and more.

Learn Needle Tatting Step by Step Set

Learn Needle Tatting Step-by-Step Set

$ 27.55

This book features approximately 6 patterns within 32 pages of step-by-step instructions for needle tatting with 85 full-color photos. Patterns include: Doily or collar edging, pillowcase edging, bookmark, medallion, butterfly, note card, and hanky edging.

This set includes the Needle Tatting Step-by-Step book, with a set of 3 tatting needles (#7fine, #5-0 and #3-0), PLUS a free #8 extra fine needle, and a needle threader.

Handy Hands Ultimate Cluny Loom

Ultimate Cluny Loom

$ 10.70

This handy Ultimate Cluny Loom by Handy Hands will help you tat up cluny leaves. Made of flexible plastic, it is printed on both sides for right- or left-handed tatters. Includes an 8-page, step-by-step instruction booklet with 18 photo, and a basic bookmark pattern. The Ultimate Cluny Loom is 4.25″ x 4.5″.

Handy Hands Mini Hooks Set

Mini Hook Set

$ 19.45

Considered a Handy Hands “essential”, this set of mini crochet hooks will work with threads sized 10 through 80. The little set comes in a plastic box, and includes 4 hooks of sizes size 6, 10, 12 & 15 all attached to a lobster claw, perfect for tatting up a lanyard to hang off it and show off your skills.

Ultimate Tatting Gauge

$ 4.00

The Ultimate Tatting Gauge by Handy Hands is just what you need to give you a great picot gauge, and to find out what needle size you’re working with. Available in Grape Berry.