Natural Silk Bead Cord


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    Natural Silk Bead Cord

    $ 6.00 $ 3.10

    For centuries, silk has been the traditional beading material in necklace manufacturing. Pure natural silk feels incredibly soft and smooth. Silk threads have good tensile strength and little stretch, which make them the ideal choice for many works and knotting. Necklaces made with natural silk drape naturally along the contours of the body and always project a look of elegance and beauty.

    GRIFFIN 100% Natural Silk only ever originates from the high-quality centre (filament silk) of the silk cocoon thread and is twisted three times. Only this sleek thread has the characteristic lustre and the irresistible natural beauty of pure natural silk. The Carded Natural Silk Bead Cord from GRIFFIN GmbH is only made from “the best of the best” 100% natural silk, and has been on the market since 1866.

    Each Card contains two metres (approx. 79 inch) of 100% natural thread with a stainless steel needle attached.

    Pure natural silk and precious jewellery combine in perfect harmony.

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  • Miyuki Crochet Thread #8

    $ 6.45

    25m spools. 100% Polyester. Coated with a special resin to ensure thread does not split whilst working with it.

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  • Kumihimo Finding Kit – End Cap / Jump Ring / Toggle

    $ 4.80$ 5.80

    Need a way to finish your Kumihimo braids and turn them into necklaces or bracelets? Grab a Kumihimo finding kit in silver. Comes with end caps, jump rings and a toggle, everything you need to finish off your braid. Two different sizes available: 10mm and 12mm.

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  • Kumihimo Findings Kit – Butterfly Pendant

    Looking for a way to dress up your kumihimo braid? Grab this butterfly pendant and put it on your braid. Packet of 4 sized 20mm long by 12mm diameter (inner diameter 10mm). Material: brass. Silver coloured.

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  • Kumihimo Basics & Beyond

    $ 23.00

    Kumihimo Basics and Beyond: 24 Braided and Beaded Jewelry Projects on the Kumihimo Disk is the all-in-one resource providing clear techniques for both all-cord and beaded braids, plus it teaches beaders how to transform them into finished jewelry.

    Perfect for those who are completely new to kumihimo and are ready to start adding beads, mixing up fibers, adding clasps, and learning other fundamental techniques.
    Kumihimo Basics and Beyond presents techniques for creating all-cord braids and beaded braids, then teaches beaders how to transform them into finished jewelry. Short demonstrations of the key techniques needed for each project are presented in easy-to-grasp portions, allowing beaders to learn and practice as they go. Rebecca Combs demystifies tricky ‘kumihimo math’ by providing detailed supply lists for each project in the book, plus teaches beaders how to calculate the amount of fiber and how many beads they’ll need for their future kumihimo projects.

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  • SURELight M1T Magnifying LED Desk Lamp

    $ 65.00

    With multiple brightness levels and adjustable accessory tray. Handy table lamp with adjustable accessory tray to store your most used notions and tools right at your fingertips where you need them, when you need them. Multiple brightness levels. 2x magnifier (10 cm / 4” diameter). Adjustable goose neck (30 cm / 12”). 24 long lasting LEDs – 60,000 hours. Wide 120 degree beam angle for larger coverage area. UL/CUL AC adaptor. 1 year limited warranty.

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  • Making Jewelry with a French Knitter: The Easy Way to Make Beautiful Beaded Accessories

    Making Jewelry with a French Knitter

    $ 9.95

    The Easy Way to Make Beautiful Beaded Accessories

    This book offers an easy, fun way to learn to use the versatile French knitter. You’ll develop advanced skills with this amazing tool as you combine beads with yarn, stretchy cord, monofilament or embroidery thread to create simple yet elegant jewelry and accessories.

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  • Rayon Rattail

    $ 15.65$ 34.95

    This lusciously soft, gorgeously shiny satin cord is made in the U.S.A. from a combination of cotton and rayon. Available in three sizes:

    • 0 – Petite: the thickness of this rattail is between 1-1.4mm. Available in 70 yard spools.
    • 1 – Lightweight: the thickness of this rattail is between 1.5-1.9mm. Available in 144 yard spools.
    • 2 – Heavyweight: the thickenss of this rattail is about 2mm (or slightly above). Available in 144 yard spools.

    Notes on the sizes of rolls received: This Rattail is shipped as it was received from the manufacturer, with no modifications. Yardage indicated is only an estimate, and the actual length on 144 yard rolls can vary by up to 15 yards. Depending on how tightly wound the roll is, one spool can look quite different from another of the same size and length. Finally, some rolls will contain splices. On a 144 yard roll, 4 splices are allowed, while on a 70 yard roll, 2 splices are allowed.

    Notes on colour: Colours can vary batch to batch, as with any dyed material, therefore please be sure to order enough to complete your project to better ensure the colour is from the same dye lot.

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  • Necklace Cap Gold w Loop 4mm Front

    Gold Necklace Cap

    $ 2.70

    These necklace end caps are made from a brass base metal with gold lf/nf plating. 20 in a pack.

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  • 2in Chain Extender in Hematite LF/NF

    Chain Extender

    $ 1.90$ 2.00

    Perfect for adding just that little bit extra customisability to your jewellery pieces, this chain extender will go the distance for you. Available in Gold LF/NF, Silver LF/NF or Hematite LF/NF. Available in packs of 5.

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  • 5mm Split Rings

    $ 0.45$ 1.35

    These 5mm split rings are great for use in tatting or other thread fine work to keep your jewellery pieces held together without the risk of losing them through the fine split between traditional jump rings. Available in Gold, Silver and Nickel plate. Copper base.

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  • Old Venitian Handcrafted Seed Beads in Greasy Turquoise

    Vintage Venetian Handcrafted Seed Beads 10/0

    $ 5.05

    These handcut glass seed beads were manufactured in Murano, Italy by the Societa Veneziana Conterie between the late 1800s and the 1920s.They are an exquisite example of fine Venetian craftsmanship. Societa Veneziana Conterie was a consortium of 16 independent Venetian bead makers that joined together from 1898-1992. This lot of beads was manufactured between the late 1800's and early 1920's. Many of the glass canes used in the manufacture of these beads date back much further than the formation of the consortium.

    Due to the HAND-CRAFTED nature of our vintage selections, certain variances in shape, size, and uniformity are to be expected, and embraced.

    These beads come in bags of 100g.

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