Rayon Rattail

Stringing Materials

  • Rayon Rattail

    $ 15.65$ 34.95

    This lusciously soft, gorgeously shiny satin cord is made in the U.S.A. from a combination of cotton and rayon. Available in three sizes:

    • 0 – Petite: the thickness of this rattail is between 1-1.4mm. Available in 70 yard spools.
    • 1 – Lightweight: the thickness of this rattail is between 1.5-1.9mm. Available in 144 yard spools.
    • 2 – Heavyweight: the thickenss of this rattail is about 2mm (or slightly above). Available in 144 yard spools.

    Notes on the sizes of rolls received: This Rattail is shipped as it was received from the manufacturer, with no modifications. Yardage indicated is only an estimate, and the actual length on 144 yard rolls can vary by up to 15 yards. Depending on how tightly wound the roll is, one spool can look quite different from another of the same size and length. Finally, some rolls will contain splices. On a 144 yard roll, 4 splices are allowed, while on a 70 yard roll, 2 splices are allowed.

    Notes on colour: Colours can vary batch to batch, as with any dyed material, therefore please be sure to order enough to complete your project to better ensure the colour is from the same dye lot.

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  • Silk Bead Thread FF Black

    Silk Bead Thread

    $ 2.40$ 9.80

    This 100% silk bead thread is available in spools or cards, and sizes FF or FFF.

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  • C-lon Micro Cord - Shanghai Red

    C-LON Micro Cord

    $ 4.10$ 8.30

    C-lon Micro Cord is a Tex 70 thread. Made in the U.S.A. Great for tatting, kumihimo with fine beads, and bead-weaving projects.

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  • C-lon Bead Cord Fine Weight - Teal

    C-LON Fine Weight Bead Cord

    $ 8.20

    C-lon Fine Weight Bead Cord is a Tex 135 thread. These bobbins measure 1″ x 1″ x 1.5″, with approximately 136 yards (124m). Made in the U.S.A.

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  • C-lon Bead Cord White

    C-lon Bead Cord

    $ 5.05

    C-lon Bead Cord is a Tex 210 thread. These new bobbins measure 1″ x 1″ x 1.25″, and come with slightly more thread than they used to – approximately 92 yards (84m). Made in the U.S.A.

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  • Valdani Silk Perle in S78 - Aged Wine

    Perle Silk

    $ 7.60

    Valdani's beautiful Pearl Silk (soie perlee) is 100% guaranteed colourfast, hand-dyed using lead-free, environmentally-friendly dyes. This thread is the strongest natural fibre and features a gorgeous shine. Comparable to size 12 pearl cotton thread, Valdani silk pearl is recommended for use in many types of both hand and machine projects, including:
    knitting, crochet, tatting, needlepoint, wool applique, stitching, embroidery, hand- or machine-sewn embellishments, cross-stitch, hand and machine-quilting, ribbon work, lacemaking, braiding, beading, weaving, smocking.

    21 yard (20m) spools.

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